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About Us

We are a bunch of passionate application developers who want to build great products and provide great value to our customers. We help established firms digitize their businesses by automating processes, orchestrating services to reduce cost and time of doing business, reduce application development and deployment life cycles to improve time to market, enable mobility on their existing enterprise applications, reduce Application Maintenance costs by designing and implementing appropriate strategies in cloud and open source.



We have a combined experience of over 25 man years of application development for multinational companies around the world.



We have experience in developing applications using Angular, React, NodeJS, Python, Ionic, Native Android & iOS. We have implemented microservices based architecture and integrated with legacy applications using API based interfaces.


Will to Learn

We are constantly working on emerging and currently prevalent application stacks. Blockchain, Chatbots, Machine Learning - nothing escapes our curiosity and understanding.

Portfolio of Services

Custom Application Development. Enterprise Application Development. Continuous Integration and Deployment. Agile Development.


Application Development

We undertake custom application development for web and mobile apps (hybrid and native). We have experience in MEAN, MERN, LAMP, DJANGO among other frameworks. In mobile development we have experience in Native Android & iOS and ionic.



We can guide and empower your IT team to migrate from legacy software configuration management to continuous integration driven deployment process.


Application Integration

We can help integrate legacy applications via API interfaces, re-architect web applications to be microservices, Improve scalability by migrating to container based deployments and design enterprise logging systems for continual monitoring and supervision of your applications.

Case Studies

We have worked with e-commerce providers, insurance companies and Manufacturing firms to deliver appropriate technology solutions.



An ecommerce provider required a robust platform to deliver products and services on a B2B Model. Delivered a Cloud-based solution in span of 2 months, using AWS. Developed on MEAN Stack with high-availability.



A premier Third-party Administrator required a mobile application for clients to view insurance claims usage. Developed a hybrid app on iOS and Android to deliver map-based Services on the App.


Internet Of Things

An atmospheric water generator maker required to track the performance of their machines installed in remote locations. Developed an IoT-based solution that included custom firmware, cloud-based portal and mobile application.



We offer Cloud lifecycle management and systems integration of new and existing applications to move to Azure. We have implemented applications using Sql Server, Redis Cache Management, Queues and Storage services on Azure.



We offer license-free automation solutions that use open source technologies to achieve automation tasks such as extracting information from websites, summarizing it and sending this info in emails to customers.


Machine Learning

We have implemented text extraction and summarization based on specific domains using standard learning models.

Founding Directors

Ganesh Margabandhu, Laxman Chintakindi and Bala Saikrupa are the founding directors of the company.


Ganesh Margabandhu

Chief Executive Officer

Over 20 years of experience in Systems Integration, Delivery of IT Services and Application Development.


Laxman Chintakindi

Chief Technology Officer

Over 7 Years of Experience in DevOps, Application Design and Architecture, Automation and Innovation.


Bala Saikrupa

Chief Operating Officer

Over 7 years of experience in Mobile Application Development, Machine Learning, Client Engagement and Delivery.

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